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Video: LEA World Conference 2023 - Connect for Growth Driving Customer Value

On October 26th, our Assistant Director, Labiba Wahab, had the privilege of serving as moderator and panelist at the LEA World Conference 2023 held in Washington, D.C., alongside fellow panelists Luis Garayzar, Co-founder of Kuadra Support in Sonora, Mexico, David Lam, Partner at Miller Kaplan in California, USA, and Amit Maheshwari, Managing Partner of AKM Global in Gurgaon, India, all of whom are fellow outsourcing providers.

The discussion sought to outline some of the ways outsourcing can enhance a firm's competitiveness in driving growth and creating customer value, some of the challenges and keys to success in managing an outsourcing relationship, and answer some critical questions relevant to 2023, such as where outsourcing stands in the age of automation.

Watch the full discussion below. Contact us for more information on how A. Wahab & Co. can help meet your accounting firm's outsourcing needs.



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