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Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service in helping our clients achieve their business goals. We hope to accomplish this by forming close relationships with our clients to understand their needs better and customize our service accordingly. In addition to working on specific engagement objectives, we keep an open line of communication with our clients to serve as a knowledge resource on a myriad of topics. Our professionals believe in adaptation and continuous learning in a fast-paced, complex, ever-changing industry. Our clients and their stakeholders value our breadth of expertise and reputation for quality, responsiveness, and professionalism.


We continually strive to offer the best advisory services in the market to our clients, whether they are locally-based or coming in to do business in Bangladesh for the first time. We have worked with a diverse range of clients of all sizes, both local and foreign, in healthcare, information and communication technologies, consulting, service and hospitality, education, financial services, insurance, construction and infrastructure development, real estate, textiles and apparel, jute production, and other industries. Our firm predates Bangladesh's independence in 1971 and has witnessed every stage of Bangladesh's economic development since then. As such, our clients can trust us to have the breadth and depth of experience and expertise necessary to help them succeed in this business climate. We are always available to discuss our client's business needs to develop and implement clear and comprehensive solutions to address them. Our advisory services cover the following topics and more:

  • General  Management

  • Raising Capital

  • Taxation and Corporate Law

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Production Operations

  • Consumer and Marketing

  • Human Resources and Executive Selection

  • Office Automation

  • Information and Communications Systems

  • Internal Audit

  • Strategy and Analytics

  • Database Design and IT

  • Formation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Liquidation, and Dissolution of Business Entities


The maintenance of reliable, transparent, and timely accounting records is essential to the successful functioning of any business. With this in mind, we tailor our accounting services to meet the specific needs of our clients and follow all applicable accounting standards. We can offer this service either on a temporary or ongoing basis. Our accounting services include the following and more:

  • Interim and Annual Financial Statement Preparation

  • General Ledger Maintenance

  • Month- and Year-End Closings

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Depreciation Schedule Preparation

Work Permit Processing

We provide work permit and security clearance processing services to our foreign clients to help make their entry into Bangladesh as seamless as possible. Work permits are mandatory for every foreign national seeking employment in Bangladesh and issued by one of three government authorities:



Additionally, we maintain a database of work permit renewal dates for our clients' foreign employees and alert them when it is time to renew.


We act as independent auditors of clients in various industries and locations in Bangladesh. In addition to providing peace of mind to our client's stakeholders, we view the independent audit as an opportunity to deliver constructive and cost-effective feedback to management regarding the enterprise's existing modes of operation. We seek to ensure that management is provided timely and reliable information by testing the appropriate controls and applying substantive procedures. In doing so, we hope to add value to our clients.


We help our clients interpret the various nuances of Bangladesh's tax code to keep them informed on optimally structuring their investments and personal finances. In addition to filing returns for individuals, corporations, and fiduciaries, we are always available to offer reliable tax advisory services pertaining to the following:


  • International Tax Planning

  • Corporate Return Filing and Assessment

  • Transfer Pricing Returns and Reporting

  • VAT Consulting

  • Personal Taxation and Executive Remuneration

  • Devising Optimum Corporate and Investment Structures

  • Processing Corporate Tax Holiday Applications

  • Availing opportunities arising from changes in tax legislation

Liaison & Branch Office Reporting

Many of our foreign clients commence their operations in Bangladesh through Liaison and Branch offices because these are the most straightforward legal entities to set up that sufficiently meet their business needs. The Bangladesh Bank and the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) are the regulatory bodies for Liaison and Branch offices. We offer several services to help meet client reporting obligations under these regulatory bodies:


  • Annual External Audit Performance

  • Monthly Internal Audit of Accounts

  • VAT and Tax Compliance Review

  • Monthly Salary Tax and Other Withholding Tax Calculation

  • Quarterly Tax Return Filing with the Bangladesh Bank

  • Salary Tax Return Filing for Foreign Employees

  • Annual Income Tax Return Filing

  • Obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Renewing Permission from BIDA

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