Firm Overview

A. Wahab & Co. is one of the oldest and most reputed of the accounting firms in Bangladesh with over fifty years of experience.  The firm has witnessed the independence of Bangladesh, and its economic development and consequent financial sector reforms over the years. The biggest asset of the firm is its reputation with the clientele and uncompromised professional and ethical standards. AWC serves clients with all sizes and types – ranging from small mom-pop style establishments to large corporate conglomerates; largest donor agencies in the world to a small nonprofit entity with same priority, attention and skill set in order to meet the clients’ expectations. Our efforts towards our clientele – big or small revolve around providing the feeling of exclusivity. Hence, many of our clients are with us for years and the relationship has been passed from generation to generation.          

At AWC, we remain focused on our clients’ professional necessity for serving them to their expectations without compromising or breaching any professional and ethical standards. Inculcating migration of ‘best practices’ within the firm has always been the vision for improving the operational efficacy. We are considered by clients as trusted partners and with that level of comfort, all their financial management related challenges are vested upon us for a pragmatic solution. Although we are predominantly an accounting firm with specialization in audit and attestation services, our suite of services also include providing assistance to our clientele from formation/incorporating their business to recruiting staff, training, secretarial services, business process outsourcing, obtain work permit of expatriate employees, tax, IT consulting, winding up of business etc. Over the years, we have developed a niche in forensic audit and investigation and worked for the largest donor agencies of the world.