Audits and Reviews

Audits and Reviews


We offer complete audit services, which include providing sound insight on financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting. We adhere to the highest principles of technical accuracy, proficiency and ethical practice and has historically conformed to the requirements of professional standards. We are the industry experts for the audit of Private and Public Limited Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, International and Local NGOs, Government bodies, Utility Service Providers, International donor agencies and large telecom companies. Over the last 50 years regulatory agencies have relied on our reports and the reputation is uncontested.

Agreed Upon Procedure Review:

We offer agreed-upon procedure reviews relating to financial information which are procedures agreed between us and our clients to produce factual findings about financial information or operational processes of a third entity. This could be in the form of review of specific transactions, investigation based on allegations or a requirement from the regulators or management of the organization.

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